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Celebrating The Day

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Good morning.

Today is my birthday. My first birthday wish was to write a new farm blog.  Ok, second… good coffee was the first.


I just noticed that the plastic is still on the window of the chicken shack for insulation.  Normally this would have been removed to make sure that the shack didn’t get too warm and was well ventilated.  However, this really isn’t a concern this summer.  If anything it has kept the damp out.  As my 2 year old says way too often these days, “It’s raining?  AGAIN?”

So, given that today is the day that I entered into the world, let’s celebrate the new loves that have entered into the farm!

Introducing Michael, Jermaine, Tito, Janet, Chocolate Pudding and… I Don’t Know!  The Accidental Farm Koi!


No, they don’t live in this bucket.  Actually, when I went to purchase Chocolate Pudding (who, incidentally isn’t a Koi but a Black Moor.  Terribly inconsiderate of me to mislabel like that.) and I Don’t Know, the people at PetSmart were grilling me about tank size.  Gotta love people that take their job seriously.
No, they live here:


Think the people at PetSmart would have believed me if I told them that the fish were going to live in an ‘above ground pond’?  This is Brian’s creation.  The “most redneck idea he’s ever had”, as quoted by him.  It started out as an experiment in catch water collection.  Now it is a budding farm enterprise, complete with Japanese livestock and water flora.  Oh, and did I mention that the 2X4s holding it together are buckling and the tarp is sweating through?  Hear that?  That’s the sound of the excavator coming down the driveway to dig the pond that we hadn’t anticipated. Sing it with me now!  A-C-C-I-D-E-N-T-A-LLLLLLLLL FARM!  Hey, at least there aren’t tiny Nigerian goats eating my gardens right now.

Seriously, I’m pretty excited about the pond.  It will be an extra source of water, perhaps we can figure out a way to raise Koi for sale and even figure out a way to produce an aquaculture system from it all.  Maybe hydroponic veggies?  I’m all for the funky, far out farm animals.  But they have to earn their keep.  No free rides here, Baby.

Next up: Ziggy The Wonder Dog!


Ziggy is the black lab on the right.  The grandpa on the left is my baby, Graham Guiness Cook.  In case you didn’t know this, he was named Graham because he’s “a cracker dog!”  Still chuckle over that one.  Graham is 9 years old and our first baby.  He is getting up there in age, kinda like his owners, and it was time to consider getting another friend for our farm.  Kills me even to type words that imply he will be gone some day.  Anyway, I did NOT want a puppy.  Especially since I’m potty training the 2 year old.  She gets priority.  So, when our friend Brian Daigle asked if we would take over the care of his dog… his already trained, leaving puppydom, loves children … dog then we could not say no.  Ziggy is really happy.  We’ve taken walks, he’s free range about the yard, has a new doggie best friend and kid cuddles… yeah, he’s happy. There really are no accidents.


Today, provided the weather is good, I need to get into the hive. I so love my bees.  I love beekeeping.  I love the community of it.  I love the beauty with which their cohesion and complimentary existence flows.  I love the smell of honey and warm wax that floats up out of the comb.  I love having to test the smoke against my bare wrist, just like sampling a baby bottle, to make sure that the smoke isn’t too hot for them. I even love seeing their tiny little faces all poking up and looking at me, which tells me they are getting pissed and I need to use a puff of smoke.  But I would be lying of I said that they didn’t scare me to death.


I hate being scared.  I hate feeling exposed and raw and vulnerable.  I know it challenges me and makes me a better person in the end.  I hate feeling lost and out of control.  And helpless.  I hate helpless.

As I was typing this, Merry has broken out into a rash and has a suspicious looking bite mark on her back. We will be visiting the pediatrician this morning.  This past week my sister was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease and has Bell’s Palsy as part of the fallout.

Beauty is buried within the moments of fear.  I believe it is up to us to dive into that fear and swim towards the beauty.  Doesn’t make the water any warmer though, does it?

For my birthday, I want you all to pray for the beauty.  That you celebrate the day and when the moments of fear fall upon you, you gather your strength, take a deep breath and swim towards the beauty.

While I was examining Merry’s rash and bite, for the first time, Merry used her potty. There are gleeful shouts as the girls race about the house celebrating her big girl status.  Time to go.  I must celebrate the beauty.


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